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Vespa 946 "bunny"

10th anniversary model, celebrating the lunar calendar
Image 2023 02 08T165928.873
Image 2023 02 08T165903.538

Vespa 946 celebrates its 10th anniversary with 1000 limited and numbered editions dedicated to the lunar calendar. A creative collection that, every year and for the next 12, will carry an icon of the animal of the year.


A lunar inspiration

A unique version, with a "bunny" peeping out of the body, illustrates Vespa 946 as a contemporary interpreter of Vespa's values. The brand's classic green has been reworked to be striking and sparkling.


Jump into the New Year

All-Italian, haute couture atelier craftsmanship. Polished finish, hand stitching and a dedicated logo make the vehicle a collector's item.

Image 2023 02 08T165600.918