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New and always inimitable

The design and technology of the Vespa GTS continue to evolve but what never changes are its spontaneous personality and the aesthetic appeal that is such a part of this Italian icon. This elegant travel companion features new details in the style and comfort departments, to make every trip one to remember. Enjoy the ride, while your Vespa GTS will do the rest.

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Vespa Heroimage Half 855X640 GTS

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Details that make the difference

Innovative material research provides the Vespa Gts a more upscale and attractive appearance, enhancing its soul. While keeping the enduring Vespa charm and spirit, the mirrors, side grills, mudguard crest, and even the unique "tie" have all been modified in the interest of innovation.

Ready for adventure

The Vespa GTS's new design improves handling and safety with elements like better suspension and 12-inch wheels with disc brakes. Even at greater speeds or over difficult terrain, this potent mix guarantees a smooth, solid ride.