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The Primavera, an iconic symbol of Vespa history, zips through twenty-first-century streets with ease while maintaining the name and some of the attributes of the original legend that revolutionised urban transportation in the 1960s.

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Revolutionary spirit

Be a part of a new revolution

When the Vespa Primavera first appeared on the scene in the 1960s, it was a period when the world was changing, and it revolutionised urban mobility. The primavera is as intriguing and fashionable as ever today, with its fresh new lines and cutting-edge twenty-first-century technology.


Ride in total comfort

With its characteristic lightweight frame, this tiny body Vespa zips through city traffic with ease. Its 12" wheels provide ideal grip on all terrain and in all weather, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, quiet, and pleasant ride.

Brimming with technology

Infotainment on the go

The Vespa Primavera is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a multi-functional full-colour TFT display that can be linked to the Vespa MIA app. This gives the rider immediate access to a wealth of useful information, such as fuel levels and mileage. You can also use the buttons on the handlebar to answer phone calls and utilise the voice command feature on your smartphone to make calls and play music.